Philippine Cultural & Educational Services (PHILCES) has been serving the educational community for many years as a resource for information on the Philippines and Filipino-Americans. We provide selected books and in-house publications, as well as research, reference and exhibit materials on the history, culture, arts, crafts, music, language, literature, children's literature, cuisine and business of the Philippines. Maps and art prints are also available. Visual and audio aids and other materials for teachers may be special-ordered by contacting us at info@philces.com.

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PHILCES sponsors workshops, seminars, exhibits and presentations on the arts and crafts of the Philippines and other educational topics. We have conducted workshops such as Philippine Food Garnishes, Creative Candy/Cookie Wrappers and Making a Pabitin (Philippine Pinata) at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. We also work with the Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington in the yearly Pagdiriwang Celebration (Filipino Festival) at the Seattle Center by organizing events such as the Philippine Adobo Cooking Contest, Philippine Pansit Contest and Creative Table Centerpiece Contest, conducting a workshop on Philippine Holiday Treats and presenting an exhibit on Philippine Table Art. In June 2000, we sponsored the Bahay Kubo Painting Exhibit featuring the works of Rosalinda Roman, an artist from the Philippines and a lecture/slide presentation by Francisca Caberoy, curator of the National Museum of the Philippines.