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To submit a free listing of event for inclusion in the Calendar of Events Section:

The Calendar of Events featured on this website is not comprehensive but offers a bird's eyeview of a microcosm of Filipino-related events that are happening the world over.  For a free listing in our event calendar, organizations, associations and educational and non-profit groups are encouraged to send us an email and submit Filipino-related events and public events that are wholesome, universally appealing and inclusive of all ethnicities, at least one month before the date of the activity. There is no guarantee that all submissions will be included in the event calendar due to space limitation and other factors.  Submissions should include the name of the event, date, venue, time and name of sponsoring organization.

For other listing options on Event listing and/or Resource Listing that would include a website link, or for a sidebar banner advertisement, please email

Disclaimer: The Philippine Cultural & Educational Services and its website are not liable for inaccuracies of details of an accepted listing or advertisement, as submitted by any group's authorized representative.  We reserve the right to accept or decline event submission and to edit grammar and format of accepted listing.

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