Notes from the Philippines was an incredible concert performed by the Oakland East Bay Symphony with Michael Morgan, Conductor, on April 20, 2012 at the majestic Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA. It was part of the exploration by the Oakland East Bay Symphony (OEBS) of music from other cultures and parts of the world with a program in April featuring the world premiere performances of the commissioned works by Filipino jazz composers, Victor Noriega, and Art Khu, as well as a concerto from the Western classical tradition featuring a Filipino soloist on cello, David Requiro.   Noriega joined the symphony on the piano for his composition Generations, Directions.  Art Khu’s piece was entitled The Symphony of Souls.  The concert was a huge success, with 2,200 attendees.

Photo at the symphony reception (L-R):  Michael Morgan, OEBS conductor, Victor Noriega, composer and award-winning jazz pianist, Art Khu, composer