Philippine Recipes Made Easy

Philippine Recipes Made Easy

Violeta Noriega

A valuable cookbook and popular resource on cooking authentic Filipino cuisine. Positive reviews from food writers and users alike since its debut in 1993. 192 pp., paperback.



5-star reviews from buyers

From: Mangilao, GUAM
Easy directions. Simple ingredients. Dishes always come out perfect.

From: luriejd, CALIFORNIA
I know Pilipino food has an awful lot of preparation time, those are my fondest memories of my mother in the kitchen while I was growing up in California. Although I'm a Pilipino-American, I truly love good Pilipino cooking and try desperately to recapture those dishes. Now that my mom has passed away, I've been able to use these recipes in this book as a basis for those popular dishes my mom used to make. I do try to deviate from the recipes in order to tailor it to my mother's "Visayan" palette but find that keeping in accordance with the original recipe is just as savory. Thanks Violeta Noriega for making it easy to cook in America those beloved Pilipino dishes from thousands of miles away...

From: Gareth Lewis, BALWYN, VICTORIA
"Philippine recipes made easy" is a great book for any cook from beginner up, with clearly laid out ingredients and instructions. Violeta A. Noriega has provided essential dishes that anyone who has visited the Philippines (or lived there) will instantly recognise. I would love to see a second volume of this book with even more variety, as now I have tried all the basics, I can't wait to learn the entire cuisine!

From: Bischocho, BIRMINGHAM
When my husband and I found this book in the public library, we knew we had to have it. The recipes were easy to follow and we felt that it "revealed" a lot of "secrets" that only our mothers knew. For example, it tells you to use rice water in certain recipes. It was also easy to read and so informative for such a small book. We forgot to pack it with us when we moved to the UK and now have to order it through Can't cook Filipino food without it.

As a 3rd generation Filipino-American, I grew up loving Filipino comfort food but never knew how to make it myself. This was the first cookbook of Filipino recipes that I was able to follow clearly - with other books, I was constantly calling family members to define terms and ingredients. Also, it contains all the recipes I grew up begging my mother to make for me. But the best part was that I could find 99% of the ingredients in my local supermarket!