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TURON Banana Rolls

A favorite Philippine merienda or snack, the turon or banana roll is very endearing to the palate and is considered a special treat.  To include it as part of the usual food extravaganza in any celebration event at home, you can either buy some from a Filipino food store that offers them or cook some, which is best.

Turon is best served warm while still crunchy on the outside and the cooked banana is moist and sweet.  The sweetness is the result of the ripeness of the saba (banana for cooking), rolled first in sugar and accented with shredded jackfruit preserves. Savor each and every morsel of this yummy and heavenly concoction. 


4  cooking bananas (saba), cut lengthwise in two

sugar (white or brown) to roll bananas in

jackfruit (langka) pieces, shredded, fresh or from preserves (optional)

Spring roll wrappers, separated individually

Cooking oil                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Roll cut-up bananas in sugar. Place a banana piece near the end of a round wrapper or diagonally on a square wrapper.  Add jackfruit pieces on top of the banana.  Fold wrapper from the edge to cover the banana, then fold the two sides and roll into a package.  Dab a little water on the wrapper tip to secure roll. Set aside on a plate. Repeat process until all banana pieces are wrapped. In a shallow pan on medium heat, fry in oil covering 1/2 of the banana rolls, till golden brown.  Turn and brown the other side.   Remove from heat and place uncovered, in an upright position in a bowl with paper towel at the bottom, to absorb oil.  Let cool a little and consume while warm. Present the turon in innovative ways. If preferred, serve individually on a plate with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. Serves 4 – 8.  Enjoy!


TIP:  What to do in case you cannot obtain ripe cooking bananas (saba)?  This tip works.  Use regular eating bananas that are almost ripe and firm. They are found in the grocery stores.  Just make sure the turon rolls made from regular bananas are consumed and enjoyed just after cooking them, as they will turn soggy and unappetizing if left uneaten for a length of time.

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